Peugeot 407 year 2011 add new car key & remote with Immobilizer reset

This is a case whereby the car owner was robbed on her way back home and the car key kept inside her handbag was snatched by the robber.

She got only one remote left and was abit of malfunctioning and hard to press, with a broken key fob using a cable tie to tighten the case.

Initially she went back to Peugeot SC and try to duplicate a new one, but somehow was quoted more than RM1K for a new remote with key, and that should take her 3 months before she can get it after placing the order, she felt a bit depressed and through a SC friend's recommendation she found us SecurityLock to provide the car key locksmith service to duplicate a new key (without putting a big hole in her pocket : ).

We get mobilized and went on site at her place to provide the duplication service of new key and remote replacement as well as to reset the immobilizer transponder code. Old key and remote that was robbed would no long be able to unlock the car and turn on the ignition. What a relief for the Peugeot 407 owner : P

#Peugeot407 #allkeylost #remoteandimmobilizerreset

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