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Honda City 2012 all key lost and immobilizer reset

This Honda City 2012 owner found SecurityLock on FB page and requested for our service on site due to great reviews by others for our car key duplication service, we were flattered by what customer said : P

The owner has accidentally lost the immobilizer chipset inside the remote control due to broken casing and that is the only remote left, thus he could not start the car without the immobilizer sign off.

We help him to reset the immobilizer and duplicate a new flip key immobilizer remote with a more durable casing.

Voila!! His baby now is come back to life and working perfectly as good as new. At SecurityLock you can count on our car key duplication service, sit back and relax.

And thank you for the Teh O' Ice!

#HondaCity2012 #allkeylost

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